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Family Counselling Victoria, BC

Family Counselling

This isn't what you wanted for your family.  The constant arguing, yelling, fighting. Or, maybe it's the opposite....the sound of silence.

It's normal for families to go through periods of adjustment during life's transitions such as moving, a new baby, or professional challenges. It's not normal to feel like you're walking on eggshells around your family, or feel like no one is hearing each other anymore.  It's not ok to feel like home is somewhere you don't want to be anymore.

A family is made up of many players, each with their own important role and contribution to the group. 

Also, many times the teen/tween years can be the toughest time within families  Rules, expectations, and reality all get challenged, but since some of this is "common" and "normal", how do you know when it's more than just part of growing up?  If you're reading this, chances are your gut is telling you somethings not right anymore.

We can help.

Image by Mehdi Benkaci
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