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Trauma FAQ

Trama FAQ

Many people have gone through numerous types of trauma. Trauma can impact anyone of any age, sex, race, ethnicity, & economic status - at any time. 

Some examples of trauma, in no particular order, are:

  • Bullying

  • Animal Attacks

  • Terrorist Attacks

  • Medical Trauma

  • Natural Disaster

  • Immigration Trauma

  • Witness to Violence

  • Automobile Accident

  • Environmental Trauma

  • Abandonment or Neglect

  • Family Conflict or Violence

  • Death or Illness of a Loved One

  • Physical, Emotional, Verbal, or Sexual Abuse


The effects of trauma are not always seen immediately. 

Remembering & thinking about a scary event occasionally is normal. However, being startled or frequently avoiding people/things/places that remind you of the event are not.

Trauma and traumatic stress can impact physical well-being.

The impact of trauma can't always be explained through words.

Trauma is very personal and subjective.  It's up to the impacted individual to decide if they have been through a traumatic experience or not. 

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