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Counselling Victoria, BC

Adult Counselling

The world is at your fingertips - literally if you have a phone, tablet or computer - but it can feel like a burden at times. The sense of immediacy - everything has to happen right away. The pressure to be constantly "on." To look & sound perfect, and act like you have it all together. In fact, from the outside, you seem to have it all together. Inside you may feel trapped, lost, misunderstood, stressed, confused and lonely despite not being alone. 

Life stressors are pulling you in every direction & sometimes you don't know where to start. After achieving some life goals you're left wondering; now what?

We offer a free 20-minute consult, which is an opportunity for you to come in, see the space, as discuss how we can best work together.

Everyone has times in life where things can be challenging and perhaps overwhelming. Sometimes we can handle these challenges no-sweat, sometimes we could use a little help.


There are things therapy can and can’t do for you. Therapy doesn’t “fix” you because you are not broken. Your therapist won’t tell you what to do. Therapy helps you uncover strengths and learn new skills that will allow you to deal with those pesky challenges that keep cropping up or that you’ve just encountered for the first time.


Therapy can reduce some of the psychosomatic symptoms you may be experiencing, but mostly, therapy is a tool to help you better cope with your problems and concerns.


Between work, family, & social obligations, we're always on the go. Even though we're still around others, sometimes we feel more disconnected to each other. Sometimes, no matter how many times you try to express these feelings to friends & family, they just don't get it.  Something is missing, but you're not sure what.

We can't promise to "get it," but we can promise to sit, be present with you, and explore those feelings, helping you to become the best version of yourself possible. 

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