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  • How can I help?
    Together with you, I help create a portfolio for your child that looks at all areas and aspects and how they relate to your child's diagnosis. (personality, behaviours, parenting styles, learning strategies, sensory needs) I help your child identify and communicate their unique sensory preferences and needs. Together, we work on solutions that are doable and make sense in the differing environments your child frequents. I offer support and conferencing with teachers and other child supports to improve the environment and help with teacher concerns. I teach emotional awareness to both parents and children. We look at both the surface emotions and the deeper ones that are underneath. We also learn to recognize the body sensations that give hints to the emotion we're feeling.
  • What areas can I get help with?
    ADHD Anxiety Constant moving Difficulty Initiating Tasks Easily distracted Feeling sick Fidgeting Flexible Thinking Impulsive Behaviour Keeping a train of thoughts Maintaining Focus Peer relationship struggles Physical complaints - such as feeling sick, headaches Prioritizing Racing Thoughts Sleeping difficulties Time Management Transitions
  • What populations do you work with?
    I work with children, teens, parents and adult individuals. I work with neurodiverse people including those with sensory sensitivities, ADHD, and autism. I work with those struggling to fit into a world not built for them
  • How do I prepare my child for counselling?
    We encourage parents to be honest with children and adolescents about counselling. You could say something like, “I know things have been hard recently and I want to help. We are going to go to a counsellor named Rachel for help. Her job is to help kids and grownups when things are hard. She helps people solve their problems, work with big emotions and feel happier.”
  • Does my child need therapy?
    Is your child struggling in a way that impacts their behaviour, mood, or ability to function at home or school? Do you feel at a loss of how to help? Counselling helps children function and feel better. It helps them move past the problem areas they may be currently stuck in and prevents the problem from getting worse and harder to address in the future. Counselling for your child also provides you with parent coaching, encouragement, and support.
  • How do I know if I need therapy?
    Life is tough! Everyone has times in life where things can be challenging and perhaps overwhelming. Sometimes we can handle these challenges no-sweat, sometimes we could use a little help. There are things therapy can and can’t do for you. Therapy doesn’t “fix” you because you are not broken. Your therapist won’t tell you what to do. Therapy helps you uncover strengths and learn new skills that will allow you to deal with those pesky challenges that keep cropping up or that you’ve just encountered for the first time. Therapy can reduce some of the psychosomatic symptoms you may be experiencing, but mostly, therapy is a tool to help you better cope with your problems and concerns. So do you need therapy? This is a question only you can answer!
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