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Bridging the Gap
About this group

This series of workshops are designed to provide information, support and strategies to help parents of neurodivergent kids from a strengths-based relational neuroscience practical approach. 


This group is for parents only (children may not attend) and will meet once-weekly in either virtual or in-person format.  As per usual, we limit the size of this group to allow adequate time/attention for each family’s specific needs and concerns.  

Information, discussion and support are guided by group members' interests and needs; topics often include:

- What is going on inside the ADHD brain and nervous system

What’s going on inside their own brain and nervous system when things seem to be out of control
- What’s behind the behaviours that they’re seeing and what to do about it
- The psych report/diagnosis - how to understand it, what it means and what to do with it now that you have it
- Anxiety, 2E kids, depression and other ADHD co-diagnosis
- Strategies - what works, what doesn’t - applicable to the specific situations
- How to get the needed help 
- How to talk to the school - how to build a team
- What is an IEP, what accommodations are and how to advocate
- Self-care - how do you take care of yourself while taking care of your kids and family? How do you self-care when your kid can’t be left alone
- How to reduce overwhelm and feel more peace
- How to feel more confident about their child’s future


Upcoming Session dates:

Beginning November 2022 - times depending on interest

Virtual Format Groups

Tuesday's 10 am and 7 pm

Thursday's 11 am 

Friday's 10 am



Monday's 7 pm

Wednesday's 7pm

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