We offer a free 15-minute consult, which is an opportunity for you to come in, see the space, & discuss how we can best work together.


First/Intake Session

During the first/intake session we'll:

  • discuss confidentiality and it's limitations,

  • review informed consent, 

  • discuss the reason for seeking treatment at this time.  


This session is about understanding what the therapy process will be like, reviewing paperwork and a lot of questions. All of the questions are about different areas of your (the client's) life. We'll be asking about school/work, friendships, family relationships, medical history, spirituality, and several other areas. This helps to identify each person's unique situation, strengths, and areas of struggle. No two people are alike and by gaining insight into all the different areas of a client's life it can help us develop a path forward that is tailored to you and/or your child. We will also identify "treatment plan goals" which are specific things that you would like to see when we know the therapy process is done. These sessions are 80 minutes in length.


For Clients Who Are Children

It can be uncomfortable to be in the room when someone is talking about you and giving personal details about your history. Generally, we encourage children to not come to this meeting as sometimes parents find it easier to speak more freely without their child there.

For Pre-Teen & Teen Clients


We prefer them to be present during the initial session to start engagement from the beginning. However, you know your child and family best.  

Typical sessions last between 45-50 minutes. Each individual session can be different and care is made to wrap up the session with enough time to help the client ground enough to re-enter their day. 


Therapy is hard work, so much care is taken to not begin to work on something sensitive or difficult that can’t be brought to closure before the session time ends.  


Following Sessions

Sessions begin with a check-in in regards to specific things that happened over the past week, progress regarding personal goals, engagement in mental health activities outside of the session, areas of strength, success or concern. After this, therapeutic techniques are used to help you work towards your goals. ​These can include talk therapy techniques, sand tray therapy, art, or a combination. 

For Adults


For children/teens, sessions begin with a check-in in regards to specific things that happened over the week, engagement in mental health activities outside of the session, and other areas of strength, success, or concern. Therapeutic techniques are used to help the child/teen work towards their goals are used. ​These can include play therapy, talk therapy techniques, sand tray therapy, art, or a combination. Sessions with the parents/guardians alone are also provided and treatment is tailored to each individual. Collaboration with school personnel can also be provided with written parent/guardian permission. 


Children, Pre-Teens, & Teens

Healing Through Play, Sand, Art & Talk.

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